From booking flights to ordering pizza, mobile apps have quickly become an indispensable part of our lives. According to recent research, close to 57% of the total mobile users prefer ordering meals online rather than stepping out to grab a bite. Courtesy of food ordering apps, we can now get anything to eat just by a few simple taps.

Mobile apps have done a commendable job linking up food lovers with food providers. In fact, the current usage for dining apps has risen to over 70%. If you want to succeed, you must meet your customers’ needs, and the Just-Snap app offers you the ability to do just that. Below we dive into the benefits of this meal ordering app and why it’s a must-have for any restaurant in 2020.

With the Just-Snap app, you can make instant, real-time changes to your logo, design, menu, and pricing. You’ll have better control of your brand, and diners will be looking at your personalized site instead of looking at a third-party app.

Add photos of your foods and anything else you think will make your eatery more appealing, and seamlessly adjust wait times and menu offerings for accurate prices and expectations.

100% Flexibility
Your eatery is filled up out the front door! Exciting, right? Only that you know buyers will only wait for so long for an empty table before they resort to an emptier option close by. And if loyal customers find the popularity of your eatery means that they can never get a table within a reasonable wait period, they’ll quit coming altogether.

With a super-fast, easy-to-use food ordering app like Just-Snap, you avoid the limitation of crowded seating and delayed deliveries. Easy collection and takeaway will also be a click away.

Greater Marketing Opportunities
Just-Snap offers a host of tools to help restaurants generate more traffic to their food ordering site, including a promotion engine, an integrated messenger, and a multi-channel marketing manager to promote your offers.

Just-Snap restaurant users will also be able to add a loyal program that encourages repeat orders. Regular diners spend up to 67% more than one-timers, so offering a loyalty program is always in your restaurant’s best interests.

Complete Automation
Deploying the Just-Snap App automates your typical ordering processes fully. This means that, without the distraction of a noisy background while having to record customers’ info manually, your staff can spend more quality time with diners. You will make your pick-up and takeout customers happy, but the diners in the eatery will have your full attention.

Aside from these features, automating your restaurant with the Just-Snap app will bring many other advantages. For instance, you won’t have to hire staff to keep track of payments–Just-Snap allows payments to be made through Stripe straight to your bank. There’s no chance of losing money as orders are managed automatically.

Try the Revolutionary Food Ordering App
You might be a well-established restaurant or a startup, but having an ordering app for your business is a must-have given the continued rise of mobile app usage and the uptick in food delivery service demand in 2020.

Just-Snap is perfect for casual dining, fast-service eateries, pizza inns, catering companies, and eateries that cater to businesses in their locality. With all these advantages and benefits at stake, the big question is, can your restaurant afford not to have the Just-Snap app? Visit Just-Snap today to learn more!